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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your office hours?

A: Our showroom is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays and  9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.
We are happy to accomodate appointments at mutually convenient alternate times. Call us at 672 5324 to request an appointment.


Q: How do I get to your showroom?

A: We are located at Savannah Heights, which is on Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas.
From South to Chaguanas, take the exit the Chaguanas exit ( the exit that gets you to Price Plaza ) and turn left and go past the Medford Gas station. This will
get you to Caroni Savannah Road (T junction). Turn right on Caroni Savannah Road and as you go past Roopnarine Hardware, we are located approximately
1/4 mile on the right.
From North, take the Munroe Road exit and turn right on the fly over. You are now on Caroni Savannah Road. Proceed along the Caroni Savannah Road for about
2 miles and you will see our sign on your left. It's about 1 mile after the mosque.
If this fails get close to Chaguanas and call us at 672 5324 and we will direct you. 


Q: What are the prices of your kitchens on the website? Do you have a price list?

A: Please note that the kitchen you see on the website is for the purposes of illustrating our cupboards and some of the many features available to you. The price of
your kitchen will be determined by the size and type of cupboards and accessories that you install. We have done small kitchens from $TT8,000 to large kitchens
at over $TT80,000. We recommend that you visit our showroom see for yourself the quality and beauty of what we make affordable to every one.
Yes, we can provide prices of items on request.


Q: What material is used for the cupboard?

A: The materials of construction are melamine coated MDF for the carcass (the box of the cabinet). The doors are made of MDF with a thin coating of PVC which is
applied by a process of heating and adhesion. The edges are sealed to prevent moisture ingression, termite attack etc. This construction will also prevent warping,
twisting or similar deformities in the doors.
All our cupboards are imported and are industrially manufactured. They are all built  to international standards.


Q:  What type of counter tops are available? Can I buy countertops separately?  

A: Counter tops available are laminate, solid surface and granite. However, we may be able to accomodate any special request that you may have.
Yes you can buy countertops separately.

Q:  Are installation costs included in prices?

A: We can provide a price that is inclusive of installation or you can purchase and do your own installation.


Q: How long does it take to install a kitchen? 

A: From start to finish, a typical kitchen using formica countertop takes approximately 3-4 work days.


Q:  I am interested in getting new kitchen cupboards and wanted to get some help to design the kitchen.

A: We offer a design service as part of our service package. 
For us to help, you may need to visit our show room and view the various styles of cupboards so that you can make a choice. 
The next step will be for us to do a site visit of your kitchen area (for a small fee that is refundable if you purchase a kitchen from us). 
From the measurements taken we will do a computer aided design of the kitchen with input from you. We will then review the design with you and make any
Alternately you can provide the dimensions, from which we can do the design. 
Once the design is finalized, we will do the costing and then proceed to installation, once we have your approval.


Q: Can you provide and fit a kitchen anywhere in the Caribbean?

A: Yes we can. The steps involved are as follows:

  • You will identify the style of cupboards that you prefer 
  • You will identify the features that you will like to have in your kitchen
  • You will provide us with the dimensions of your kitchen
  • We will do a computer aided design which you will review and after making necessary changes if any, you will approve.
  • We will then do the costing of the project
  • Once payment is made the cabinets and cupboards will be shipped to you
  • You can arrange your own installation of if you prefer we will do the installation.This will entail us travelling to your location to do the installation.


Q:  Please let me know about site preparation.  Do you expect a bare room to start with or do you do removal of
       existing old cupboards and then installation of your units?

A: Ideally we will like a bare kitchen with all painting, tiling etc completed. When we are done you will be able to have immediate use of your kitchen. 
If you have an old kitchen to be removed then it will be best if you can get that done in advance of calling us in. However, if that is a problem we can get some one
to do it for you. This will be an arrangement between you and that person. 
After the removal you may want to paint the walls etc. so give your self a couple days. We will work with you to schedule all activities to minimize the downtime of
your kitchen.


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